These are a sample of the testimonials and feedback comments that we’ve received from training courses in the past:

“I would just like to say thank you for the very interesting and comprehensive training session this morning. I can speak for us all when I say we truly enjoyed it and would highly recommend it to others.”

“Amazing course! So useful. The lecture was gold and I will be using this knowledge of SEO and PPC in the future.”

“Affable, competent and informative presentation. I enjoyed this course. Use of real live online examples to demonstrate key points was particularly reinforcing.”

“The content and detail was excellent. I was amazed at how much was covered in a day and I walked away feeling more confident about the new found knowledge and definitely felt it was worth it!”

“Very helpful and clear explanations. Really glad I did the course as I learnt a lot!”

“The course and Clive Hawkins were both excellent and met every expectation, I would highly recommend it.”

“Great information presented with very valuable up to date examples. PPC example was very good.”

“Great course that went along at just the right pace. Covered a lot of ground, certainly feel like I got value for money.”

“One of the best courses I have been on.”

“Very focused and informative.”

“Loved the course – feeling very inspired to rewrite optimised copy for the website now!”

“Excellent presentation on the fundamentals of online marketing strategies. Clear and comprehensive.”

“Comprehensive coverage of the topic. real life case studies added interest and value. Responsive to questions from the class. Presenter maintained his energy and enthusiasm all day.”

“Our one-day session with you provided some very practical advice on very basic improvements we could make to our search engine performance, as well as opening our eyes to a whole range of more advanced techniques to consider in the future. All delivered in a simple, easy-to-follow fashion.”

“Excellent use of time. Probably the best 1 day course I’ve ever been on. Great content.”

“Well presented, clear information that was very easy to understand and good use of examples.”

“Many thanks for today’s training session. I found it to be highly practical and extremely useful. I will be recommending the training to my colleagues.”

“Thank you Clive and all the best! Fantastic presenter!!”

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