Search Engine Marketing (SEM) covers all the techniques used to drive traffic to a website through search engines – so SEO, link building, PPC advertising and, to some extent, social media marketing. As search engine marketing can be a primary source of new business for websites, this training course is now highly popular as an introduction to all the techniques that can be used.

The SEM training programme is designed for in-house marketing or agency personnel, or for small business owners. It provides the fundamentals of creating successful search engine marketing campaigns, which in turn will help with a better understanding of what’s required, what should be tracked, and where improvements can be made.

Introduction to Search Engine Marketing course

Whether you already have some knowledge of SEO or PPC techniques, or are completely new to this field, this one-day training course will prepare you with the groundwork to market your site effectively on search engines. The training can be tailored to your own particular requirements and website or market situation, but is likely to cover such topics as:

  • how search engine marketing can be used as an effective online strategy
  • what are the differences between SEO and PPC
  • how to identify and target the best search terms
  • which are the most important elements to optimise a website
  • how to write effective tags and body content
  • which web design issues should be avoided, or used
  • how to submit an optimised website
  • how to develop an effective link building campaign
  • how to plan and implement a targeted PPC advertising campaign
  • how to use website analytics and PPC statistics to test and analyse results
  • which strategies to use to develop an effective search engine marketing campaign

The course will also include a series of practical exercises so that you can put the main SEO and PPC techniques that you learn into practice, and you’ll be supplied with links to useful resources and online tools. As a result, you’ll come away equipped with all the search engine marketing principles and techniques that will make a significant difference to your website’s search engine visibility, plus you’ll have access to a free follow-up consultation on the search engine marketing work that you’ve prepared.

Clive was very engaging and informative. Clearly knows his topic really well and really demystified SEO / SEM. I have definitely walked away with a deeper, more valuable understanding of SEO and its absolute importance.
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Advanced Search Engine Marketing techniques

We can also provide a training course for those with some experience but who want to develop their techniques in more depth, or focus on a number of particular areas, such as website design or copywriting for websites. We would discuss your requirements in more detail and prepare a course that’s structured for your own needs and website. A one-day training course may be sufficient, or you may require follow-up sessions to review and develop what you’ve learnt from the initial training on an ongoing basis. Please contact us for more details and to discuss your requirements.


Prices for these training courses will be based on the number of people attending, up to a maximum of 10 people. To find out more, please contact Clive Hawkins at the Web Training Workshop now, either by using the online enquiry form, or by telephone on 0421 647317. You can also email him at, stating which course you are interested in, the number of people expected to attend and any special requirements.

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