With most companies now providing Internet access for all staff, the use of search engines for business information or research can be a valuable resource, but only if used effectively. Many people won’t venture beyond using the basic search functions on Google and this can limit the potential information available to them.

This half-day training course from the Web Training Workshop is designed for companies or organisations who want to train their staff on the best ways to use search tools effectively, either for day-to-day use or for specific research. It covers a variety of valuable search tools and techniques, as well as the ways to evaluate the accuracy of the information they find.

On this course you’ll learn:

  • about the different types of online search tools available
  • what the advantages and disadvantages of these tools are
  • how to develop your quick search techniques
  • how to use more advanced search techniques
  • where to find more specialised search tools
  • how to search the ‘invisible web’
  • how to effectively evaluate the search results that are found

This training course includes a series of practical exercises to put search techniques into practice, together with numerous links to some of the best resources and online tools to use.

The focus of the training can be your own business sector or requirements, and attendees are encouraged to bring along examples of search problems that they’ve encountered in the past. As a result, you’ll come away equipped with all the best search techniques to help you find and evaluate the information you need, quickly and efficiently so that it can save time and frustration in the future.

The price for this training course will be based on the number of people attending, up to a maximum of 10 people. To find out more, please contact Clive Hawkins at the Web Training Workshop now, either by using the online enquiry form, or by telephone on 0421 647317. You can also email him at clive@webtrainingworkshop.com.au, stating which course you are interested in, the number of people expected to attend and any special requirements.

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