Links to a website are a key factor in determining the ranking potential of a website, particularly on Google, so website marketers need to understand how to implement effective link building techniques as part of any search engine optimisation campaign. This subject is covered by the Web Training Workshop within the main SEO training courses but is also available as a more specialised and detailed half-day course for individuals or companies who want to develop their link building programmes in-house.

This link building course covers the different tools and techniques that can be used to build effective links into your website, whilst avoiding potential pitfalls along the way. The topics covered can be adapted to meet your own specific requirements and website / market situation, but the course is likely to cover such topics as:

  • why link building is an important part of your website’s optimisation
  • how to identify the links into your own website and those of your competitors
  • what strategies to follow when developing links into your website
  • how to improve the internal link structure of your website
  • what link building practices should be avoided
  • how online PR can be used effectively
  • how to use blogs and other social networking sites.

This training course will also include a series of practical exercises so that you can put the link building techniques that you learn into practice, and you’ll be provided with information on the best resources and online tools to use.

The focus of the training will also be on your own website and market sector so that the content of the course can be tailored to suit your specific requirements and areas of interest. As a result, you’ll come away equipped with all the best link building techniques that you’ll need to start making a difference to your website’s search engine optimisation, plus you’ll have access to a free follow-up consultation on the links work that you’ve prepared.

Prices for this link building training course will be based on the number of people attending, up to a maximum of 10 people. To find out more, please contact Clive Hawkins at the Web Training Workshop now, either by using the online enquiry form, or by telephone on 0421 647317. You can also email him at, stating which course you are interested in, the number of people expected to attend and any special requirements.

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