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Understanding how your website is being found and used by visitors is a core part of your online marketing and can help to improve the way your site converts visits to sales. The free Google Analytics 4 package is now widely used due to the depth of data it records and the insights that it provides – however you need to ensure that you’re using this tool to its full potential.

Web Training Workshop offers a number of training courses for users of Google Analytics 4 and we can also provide training for some other web analytics packages as well (please contact us for details). The aim of these courses is to give attendees a better understanding of how Google Analytics 4 can be used, from setting it up, to analysing and interpreting the data. The training is provided in a clear, non-technical manner to enable marketers to really take advantage of the data to help improve their online business.

Clive was excellent. He was very familiar with the subject matter and was able to explain everything in clear language. Nearly all the questions I had about using GA4 were answered in the session and I feel much more confident about taking it from here.
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Introduction to Google Analytics 4 course

If you have yet to install Google Analytics 4 (GA4) on your website, or have not done much with the data from your account, this half or full-day training course is the perfect introduction for you. It covers the main set-up processes and provides an insight into the information that’s being recorded and how it can be used for your website. During the training you can review your own Analytics data or use a live example to demonstrate the areas covered, and you will cover such topics as:

  • how Google Analytics 4 works and what it can / can’t do
  • creating an account and main settings
  • what visitor information can tell you
  • how referral traffic can be used
  • how content data should be interpreted
  • using regular and custom reports
  • strategies for reviewing and interpreting data.

The course will use live data to demonstrate how GA4 can be used and interpreted. It will give you the understanding and confidence to focus on the main KPIs (key performance indicators) for your business so that you can make the most of the data to develop your website and online business, through a process of review and testing. Whether statistics terrify or bore you, you’ll come away from this course with a clear understanding of how you can use analytics data in a positive way for your business.

Now Available – 1 Hour Online Training Sessions for Google Analytics 4 – Find Out More

Advanced Google Analytics 4 training

We can also provide a more advanced training course for those with some experience of GA4 but who may want to set up the tracking in a more detailed way, or want to develop their analysis in more depth. We would need to understand your requirements in more detail and then prepare a course that’s structured for your website’s situation so that the programme combines training and consultancy for the benefit of your business. Please contact us for more details and to discuss your requirements.


Prices for these training courses will be based on the number of people attending, with discounts applied from 5 or more. To find out more, please contact Clive Hawkins at Web Training Workshop now, either by using the online enquiry form, or by telephone on 0421 647317. You can also email him at, stating which course you are interested in, the number of people expected to attend and any special requirements.

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